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At BorisBus we are ready to explore the world, and we want to invite you to join us! Our beer bike and prosecco bike tours will soon be available in various cities and countries around the world, including England!

In the coming months we will be expanding our routes to London and other beautiful cities in England. But that's not all – we're looking for passionate partners and franchisees who want to work with us to bring this unique experience to even more destinations.

Do you want to be part of our adventure? Join BorisBus and become part of our growing global network of cycling enthusiasts and entrepreneurs! Contact us today to discuss the options and reserve your place for an unforgettable ride with BorisBus! 🎉🚲

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Launching in mid 2024 – Join our London adventure!

At we combine sightseeing with active fun! We have been offering unforgettable city bike tours since 2004. Our mission? Providing our participants with a fantastic time and lasting memories. No empty promises, only real quality!

We are looking for you!

Are you passionate about cycling and ready to share our unique group cycling concept? We are looking for franchise partners to strengthen our team. At it is more than just a franchise; it is a collaboration where we build success together.

What We Offer:

  • Collaboration and support in setting up your location.
  • Investment in time, money, bicycles, software, knowledge and energy.
  • Opportunities to create beautiful sightseeing tours.

More than a cycling experience

Our participants call it the beer bike, prosecco bike or sightseeing bike, but for us it's all about pedaling together, laughing and exploring the city with friends, colleagues and family. All this under the banner of, our brand new website where you can soon make all your reservations!

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Find out where your ride with us starts.

With our growing fleet we now offer over 30 routes and locations across the UK.
Looking for a tailor-made route? We can arrange that too.

London Route 1

About this route

Icon-worthy Sights: Our route takes you past some of London's most famous sights. Admire the majestic Buckingham Palace, experience the historic charm of Westminster Abbey and glimpse the iconic Big Ben. Capture these moments while cycling with friends and family.

Breathtaking View: Cycle along the scenic River Thames, enjoy picturesque views and feel the pulse of the city. There's no better way to see the Thames than from the saddle of a bicycle, surrounded by laughter and good company.

Experience the Joy of Group Cycling with an Extra Twist of Your Favorite Drinks.

Borisbus offers an exciting way to explore the city while enjoying the company of friends. Rent our custom-designed beer bikes for a group adventure like no other. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just looking for a fun day out, our bikes are the perfect way to create unforgettable experiences. Remember, while we do not provide drinks, you are welcome to bring your favorite drinks and enjoy them responsibly during your trip.